What Was The Meaning Of The Symbol Prince Wore?

The symbol that the singer Prince wore, often referred to as the "Love Symbol," was a unique and stylized combination of the male and female gender symbols. It was created as a representation of his name change in the 1990s when he temporarily adopted an unpronounceable symbol as his stage name. This decision was made as a protest against his record label, Warner Bros., with whom he was in a contract dispute.

During this period, Prince was widely referred to as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" or simply "The Artist." The Love Symbol became his new identity during that time. The merging of the male and female gender symbols was meant to signify unity and harmony between the sexes, emphasizing the androgynous nature of his music and persona.

Prince's use of the Love Symbol was a bold and artistic statement, further cementing his reputation as an innovative and boundary-pushing artist. After resolving his contract issues with Warner Bros., Prince eventually returned to using his birth name, but his association with the Love Symbol remains an iconic part of his legacy.

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