Must Have Necklaces For 2017

Just in case you've living under a rock,necklaces for both men and women,continues to be hot trends! I wanted to make a quick post that looks at the must have necklaces for 2017!

Let's look at some of the hot necklace trends for 2017 for women.

Less is more!

Small simple,yet elegant oval pendant necklaces for women seem to be the choice for many many in 2017. These type of necklaces make a definite style statement with-out being excessive.

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Another popular necklace for women that seems to be trending massively is religious themed pendant necklaces.People love showing their love of God with crosses and even the name Jesus as a pendant!

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Still another hugely popular type of necklace is the choker necklace. From celebrities to everyday folk,chokers are trending with every style of dress.


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Now for the men!


As with women,religious themed pendant crosses are wildly popular with men. A cross hanging from a man's neck makes a powerful statement!

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Ethnic themed jewelry seems to be a perennial hit with millions of necklace fans. Native American and African themed pendant necklaces are especially popular.


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Gothic themed necklaces are on the rise for 2017. If you look around you will notice more men sporting cool bad ass Gothic pendant necklaces.

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So,these just a drop in the bucket as to the many popular must have necklaces for 2017. We will definitely continue to give you the low down on the latest jewelry styles that are trending.

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