Top 20 greatest golfers of all time

"Top 20 greatest golfers of all time" is a subjective list that can vary depending on personal opinions and criteria. However, here is a list of 20 golfers who are often considered among the greatest of all time, in no particular order:

1. Jack Nicklaus
2. Tiger Woods
3. Ben Hogan
4. Bobby Jones
5. Arnold Palmer
6. Gary Player
7. Sam Snead
8. Tom Watson
9. Phil Mickelson
10. Gene Sarazen
11. Byron Nelson
12. Seve Ballesteros
13. Nick Faldo
14. Lee Trevino
15. Walter Hagen
16. Vijay Singh
17. Ernie Els
18. Harry Vardon
19. Jordan Spieth
20. Rory McIlroy

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other exceptional golfers who could also be considered among the greatest of all time. The rankings and opinions might vary depending on individual perspectives and the era in which these players competed.

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